The loss of Said at age 30
A major tragedy
Communique from the Association of Professional Moroccan Journalists
Commemoration on the 40th day after the loss of Said Hajji
Our duty in honor of Said
Said Hajji and the various stages of his life
The death of worthy men is a great calamity
An adult amongst the young
A sincere friendship with Said
Said in the hands of Allah
Scenes of sorrow
Sympathies of a Lebanese friend
Sleep before the Almighty
The death of our youth is a wake up call
Beside the Almighty
Said amid two worlds
Said and the printing house
Special Edition of Al Maghrib commemorating the first anniversary of Said's death
In memory of Said
To Said's soul
Reflections on a commemoration
Said's distinguishing attributes
Said, a role model to follow
Commemoration of Said
The Said I knew
Said's Character
Memories of the past
Said, His silent campaign
Commemorative articles
Said's death, a loss for Morocco and its youth
When the wind blows
No future without memory
A chestful of memories
Sixty years after the loss of Said
The return to circulation of the "Taqafa" review
Our direction
Our "Taqafa" in support of culture
The "Al Tafaqa Al Maghribia" review at a crossroad
The reappearance of the "Al Maghrib" after 8 years in obscurity
The re-emergence of "Al Maghrib"
Rebirth of a project
Study on the newspaper "Al Maghrib" of its founder Said Hajji
General introduction
The plight of traditional teaching and of education as a whole
Cultural news from articles published in "Al Maghrib"
The promotion of publications and literary critique
The Palestinian crisis
Miscellaneous news articles of symbolic note