Editorial Staff - "Al Maghrib" , Sixth year - No. 937, April 29 1937

Three days ago on Sunday evening in the conference hall of the Mamounia Hotel in Rabat a commemoration on the fortieth day was held for the regrettable loss for the Press and the youth of Said Hajji.

Taking part in this major event were representatives of the cities of Rabat and Salé, a mixed spectrum of society, as well as delegations from Oujda, Fez, Meknes, Casablanca, El Jadida, Marrakesh and other Moroccan cities.

The ceremony was opened with recitations of verses from the Koran urging restraint and exhorting good deeds.

The president of the commemoration committee, Mohammed El Fassi, in his opening words reflected on the life, achievements and the prowess of the deceased with regards to the press and culture of the nation. Then orators and poets stepped to the platform headed by the eminent legal expert, Abou Bakr Zniber, who delivered a lengthy oration titled "Said Hajji in the various stages of his life." Abou Bakr Kadiri took the floor to evoke in the name of the historian, Mohammed ben Ali Doukkali, a panegyric written by the latter titles "The death of an illustrious man is a calamity," Then there was a eulogy by Hachmi Filali titled, "My friend Said" which was read by Mohammed Bekkali on the writer's behalf. Then it was the turn of poets, Dris Kettani and Adelghani Skirej. Dris's poem had a major impact on the attendees while Abdelghani recited a mournful poem charged with emotion. They were followed by other poets and orators from different branches of poetry and prose whose texts have been published in this edition.

At the conclusion of the speeches selected by the commemoration committee, President Mohammed El Fassi, closed the ceremony with words of gratitude to all individuals who contributed through their writings or their attendance to this commemorative evening thus responding to the call of duty with respect to the deceased. He also expressed regrets that the allocated time did not allow the recitation of all poems and eulogies received by the commemoration committee.

Attendees then proceeded to the Mausoleum of Sidi Ahmed Hajji in Salé to deliver a final tribute to the deceased and to meditate by his grave and to recite verses of the Koran.