Personal correspondence
Letter to his brother Abderrahman
From Number 25 to Number 75
Correspondence letters from Kacem Zhiri
Between the heart and the mind
Excerpts from Said's letters taken from "Memoirs" by Abou Bakr Kadiri
Letter from Mohamed Bahnini to Said Hajji
Letter from Said and Abdelkrim Hajji to the Salé Literary Club
Communiques related to the Riffian Heroes
Administrative communiques; fallout to this letter
Terasse Report on Nablus University
Request for Authorization to go Abroad after May 16, 1930
Letter Exchange between the Moroccan Missions in the Middle East
Letters from the Moroccan Mission in Cairo
Letter exchanges with the Moroccan Mission in Nablus
Communications between the Student Chapter from Salé and leaders of the National Movement
Ahmed Balafrej's letter to the Salé student contingent in Beirut
Letters exchanged with Abou Bakr Kadiri
Letters signed by Ahmed Maaninou
Letter from Hachmi Filali
From Said Hajji to Omar ben Abdeljalil
Letters on matters associated with the national press
Exchange with Allal Al Fassi
Mekki Naciri's letter to Said
Letters to Abdallah Guennoun
Letters addressing cultural matters
Letter Exchanges with Ahmed Bahnini
January 8, 1936 letter addressed by Allal El Fassi to Said Hajji
Letter to Said Hajji from Abdelkrim Ghallab
Letters related to Said's Moroccan Publishing Company
Correspondence with Hachmi Filali
Letters exchanged between Ahmed Hassan Ziyat and Said Hajji
Letter from Said to Mekki Naciri
Communications involving the French Authorities
Letter of protest concerning the refusal of authorising the publication of a cultural review
Letter reiterating the request for the authorization to publish a cultural review
"Request by a suspect for renewal of his passport"
Letters of a political nature
Letter to Said on behalf of the Reformist Party by Tayeb Bennouna
Letter to Abdelkrim Hajji in New York by Allal Al Fassi