• Dear Mr. Director of the prestigious Egyptian magazine and literary review, "Al-Rissala",

A group of young Moroccan intellectuals took the initiative to revive Morocco's past by proceeding to publish Moroccan texts which never were published or whose publication left much to be desired.

The first fruit of their endeavor is the re-edition of the first volume of the book "Al Qirtas." We hope that this edition will be the starting point of a sustained effort and the best means to promote our project.

The above mentioned group wishes to be associated with Al-Rissala's forum for letters and the (social) sciences to make known the objectives of the Moroccan Publishing Company to the rest of the Arab world.

For this reason we ask you, Mr. Director, to include the attached announcement in three issues of your magazine and relay to us the required payment to allow us to honor it in a timely manner.

Salé, April 29, 1936

The representative of the Moroccan Publishing Company,

Said Hajji - Salé - Morocco

(Said Hajji sent to Al-Rissala's director a second letter dated June 26, 1936 to which Ahmed Hassan Zyat replies as follows.)

  • Dear Director of the Moroccan Publishing Company and honorable Mr. Said Hajji,

I have received your letter dated July 26, 1936 containing the amount of 28 shillings as requested for announcement of the book, Al Qirtas. We extend our sincere thanks for your promptness.

As to the cost of fifty inclusions on successive issues of the magazine with the available announcement format, it amounts to 22 Egyptian Guineas or equivalently 1750 French Francs.

We are willing to provide you with a 20 percent discount for the reasons you have expressed, namely that the "company is still in its early stages and needs all the help it can get," as long as payments are made soon after the inclusions are published or no later than the end of the month.

We wish you much success in your undertaking in the service of spreading knowledge and culture.

May Allah grant a crowning success to your endeavors,

Cairo, July 9, 1936

Your dedicated (colleague),

Ahmed Hassan Zyat