• On the occasion of the reprint of author Ibn Zaraâ,'s book "Al Qirtas" , a directory of the actions of the Moroccan royal dynasties and a history of the city of Fez, Said Hajji wrote:

"There are many valuable Moroccan texts on various topics addressed by our elders that represent a cultural heritage that should be called upon to last to eternity. Unfortunately this heritage has fallen into neglect especially with regards to the current generation. That is why we thought it was our duty to acquit ourselves with one of the responsibilities incumbent upon Morocco's intellectuals by republishing works that were hidden in private libraries or those which were published in such poor print that it discourages any research or even less just reading them from start to finish. As soon as this idea came to mind we began to review its material and scientific aspects. Despite all the difficulties that tempered our optimism we resolved firmly to pursue our project's course to the very end so (its success) could see the light of day. We were confident that we would perform well in this fascinating undertaking because we had the support of intellectuals interested in (future) studies and research and that of experienced men who have a high level of knowledge."

To this end, Said Hajji, established a Moroccan Publishing Company which began its activities by publishing the first two volumes of the book "Al Qirtas." Thereafter they published " Extraordinary tales from Moroccan chronicles" written by Abdel Wahed Marrakchi and "The wonders" which deals with the art of poetry and dedicated to a study of the works of the Moroccan poet, Abdel Wahed Alami by the writer Abdel Wahab ben Mansour.

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