In this study on "the national press during the era of the French Protectorate in Morocco," the author Abdessamad Al Achab devoted large developments to the newspaper "Almaghrib." This part of the study that the Moroccan newspaper "Al Alam" published on several issues between november 20, 1988 and january 15, 1989 under the title "The newspapeer Almaghrib of its founder Saïd Hajji" was articulated in 6 sections. The first section was preceeded by this comment:

From the study on "the national press during the era of the protectorate" we publish hereafter the first section of the chapter devoted to the newspaper Almaghrib of its regretted founder Saïd Hajji. It is the first of a series of 6 sections that we extracted from "the studies on the national press at the time of the protectorate" of the researcher Abdessamad Al Achab, of whom we already published last year on the columns of this page a first part in several sections under the title "the history of the press in the city of Tangier."

Al Alam, november 20, 1988

General introduction
The plight of traditional teaching and of education as a whole
Cultural news from articles published in "Al Maghrib"
The promotion of publications and literary critique
The Palestinian crisis
Miscellaneous news articles of symbolic note