Tangier, September 3, 1950

Very dear friend Abdelkrim Hajji,

We received the varied letters which you addressed to Balafrej and Elyazidi, and we granted much importance to your contacts with Mr Roosevelt, the head of the Arab department of "The Voice of America." We will forward to you further informations concerning the activities of the party and we ask you to ensure of them the broadest possible diffusion. We will write to you in a more detailed way in appropriate time. But, for the moment being, you can write to me directly, because the contacts with the interior of Morocco are very difficult for the considerations which you know. I forward to you hierwith some informations which were disseminated in Morocco in the form of leaflets. It is up to you to operate a sorting of them so that some of them can be printed in the magazines and the daily newspapers, and some others can be diffused by the broadcasting system. We would like very sincerely that you defer your voyage to Morocco until you receive new instructions.

May God keep you under His Protection so that you always remain at the service of your dear fatherland

Signed: Allal Elfassi

3, Tariq Hassouna - Tangier