Al Maghrib - A special edition in commemoration of the first anniversary after Said Hajji passed away - 6th year, No 1189 , March 11, 1943.

A year ago Said's soul flew to the on high and began to enjoy the treats of the extensive Garden of Eden. In one of his last words as death approached he confided to one of his friends:

"I am of those who firmly believe in the immortality of the soul. My soul will continue to follow up from above those programs calling for action that I initiated and it will rejoice to see that you are in the process of taking the greatest of care of them."

Only the Lord knows for sure if the soul of the deceased has not left us. Said hovers over our heads with acts of encouragement and not a day passes without us thinking of him or without benefiting from his advice and lessons.

Today, after a year has passed since his death, we present to his most precious soul this edition to which contributions from a team of his friends and those who hold him in high personal esteem provide highlights of his attributes as a man of action, his affability and his gentle character.

We do not think that we have sufficiently rendered justice to Said with what we have written about him. For, no matter how worthy is our testimony, it is very hard for us to acquit ourselves from the debt that we owe him. We know that the deceased out of modesty shied away from praise. He preferred for one to ignore him and take into consideration only the results of the work achieved.

However the spring loaded by loyalty has stimulated inspirations that bring to light the strengths of Said's personality and incited revelations of the secrets of his successes in his undertakings. By doing so, it is hoped that the fruit of their reflections will be the best gift to offer to the virtuous and pure soul of Said. We express our wish to have fulfilled in part our duty towards the deceased and that we will be somewhat acquitted of the eternal debt we owe him.

Moreover we are more than ever convinced that we will meet the expectations of the deceased only if we have fully exhausted our resources in order to preserve the priceless project he left in our hands and only if we used all our energy to assure it an evolution in conformance to what he sought for it. We will spare no effort to meet his expectations and ask for the Lord's help for this undertaking.

The Editorial Staff