"Almaghrib" - New series under the direction of Abdelkrim Hajji - No 1 - 16th year - April 7, 1952

With this number, the daily newspaper "Almaghrib" starts a new life after an eclipse which lasted several years. The reader knows that this newspaper appeared at the time of the creation of the National Party, and that this publication, as well as that of its sister "Al Atlas" marked the inception of the militant national press. "Almaghrib" accompanied the National Party in its different phases, expressing the hopes and the sufferings of the nation.

It carried the torch of the Moroccan nationalism after the other national newspapers were struck by the measurement of prohibition.

Like any incipient project, this newspaper was printed at the beginning on paper whose format was of an average dimension and appeared three times a week. Then, three months later, it started to be printed on paper of usual format to which the other newspapers have recourse, and to ensure a daily publication.

During this short period, it largely contributed to sow the seeds of a general cultural rebirth thanks to the publication of special issues in which took part, on the editorial level, the elite of the intellectual youth. These issues reflected the currents of the contemporary thought in our country.

"Almaghrib" continued to fulfill its journalistic mission with abnegation until january 29, 1944, date on which it was carried by the hurricane that ravaged the country after the nation expressed its claim to recover its freedom and its independance.

The newspaper stopped appearing. The editorial board and the team of the collaborators were thrown in prison. The offices of the newspaper were closed and placed under seals. The voice of "Almaghrib" was thus choked for a very long time.

But today, the newspaper makes its reappearance to take part again in the process of the national activities and contribute in the reanimation of the patriotic flame and the reinforcement of the people's adherence to the national cause all over the country.

The newspaper does not present to its readers a program which it won't be able to realize, nor does it pledge what it cannot hold. But it will do all its best to provide the public opinion with the necessary clarifications and to inform it of the difficulties which arise on the national level and abroad. It will take care to convey any information that may be of some interest to the readers among the international political events by giving the priority to the questions of the Arab Moslem world whose example the Moroccans seek to follow in order to ensure the rebirth of their country. It will grant also an immense interest to the question of the oppressed countries which aspire, as we do, to be delivered from the yoke of colonialism. Hier is what Said Hajji, the founder of this newspaper, wrote when he informed the public of this project:

"The success of this action depends more on the reaction of the public than on the will of those who assume the responsibility to conceive it and bring it to daylight. The encouragements which are addressed to us as well as the good press that we enjoy by the public of the readers and the enthusiastic way the newspaper is received from the latter, this is what reinforces us in the conviction that we are doing a useful work and incites us to redouble our efforts to reach a higher degree of perfection."

"Almaghrib" counts in its new life much more on this moral encouragement on behalf of the public than on any material one. It takes a glow of pride of such a moral assistance and will make its creed out of it to be always in conformity with the expectations of the readers.

It addresses its anticipated thanks as well as the expression of its deep gratitude to all its collaborators who remained faithful to their newspaper since its creation and during the difficults moments of its existence. It is their merit that the project has been prevented to die with the death of its founder, as feared by some of the readers.

It addresses also its fraternal greetings to those among its collaborators who have been persued during the last events which took place in south Morocco, were thrown in prison and were thus deprived to attend the rebirth of this newspaper to which they rendered priceless services. But all what the active and devoted people endure as sufferings and ill treatments, they accept it for the love of God.

It was in the intentions of the persons in charge for this project to ensure its reappearance a long time ago, but they were prevented from doing so because of the enormous difficulties which the national press encounters in this country. Moreover, due to the current circumstances, they are not able to ensure a daily publication of the newspaper; "Almaghrib" will thus appear twice a week until it has the necessary means to ensure a daily publication in order to satisfy the expectations of the readers, friends and supporters as well, on one hand, and to respond to the wish of its founder who wanted to make of "Almaghrib" one of the principle daily newspapers in Morocco, on the other hand.

This is also our wish. We will not spare any effort to carry it out, and we count on the assistance of God to achieve this objective.

The editorial board