"Al Maghrib" Special edition. Commemoration of the 40th day after the loss of Said Hajji, sixth year - No. 937 April 29, 1942

I have known Said like all who knew him thanks to his prestigious newspaper. I knew through his writings that focused exclusively on Morocco and about Moroccans. He therefore was the archetype of the fervent nationalist who worked for his country and nation.

During those early times I was still in a Koranic school and was constantly entertaining the idea to one day be of service to this man and join his printing house. I learned that such a career could lead to high level of literacy and to familiarization with the journalistic style of writing. I went to his office where he received with a warm welcome, This led me to say to myself:

Must I expose the reason of my uncertainty
Or content myself with the respect I bear thee?

I found him to be very modest and highly dignified. He had such a noble character that its only equal was his profound heartfelt generosity. I worked alongside him for more than three years and I have never heard him mouth a word that upset me. He came to the printing house wearing this smile that never left him until he rejoined the Lord, his conscience was at peace and full of good grace. He assisted his employees at whatever level they were at and conversed with them on topics that put them at ease. This encouraged them to have more confidence in him and to double their efforts to respond to the good opinion he had of them. He was the friend that consoled and lavished attention upon each of us. He was the brother through his care and heartfelt generosity. He was the father through his affection and tenderness.

He had great self confidence and nourished great hopes. He aspired to the highest summits. He enjoyed a great degree of freedom of thought and was frank and courageous when tested. He was of exemplary honesty and pure heart. He thought a lot but said little. He spent the peak of his youth without tasting life's pleasures. He remained single and never frequented places that indulged in drinking and other entertainment. Moreover he was not attracted to beauty or music. His only interest was to reflect on the paths and means to achieve the goals he set for himself in life, namely to serve his country and nation in the most noble and effective manner possible. He planned to create a great printing house that he envisioned would have a hundred employees. There is not a shadow of doubt that he would have been able to realize this grand project so close to his heart had he not been surprised by death.

We lost you, Said. And by losing you, we all have lost. We lost in you, the devoted servant of the nation. We lost in you, the leader of the Moroccan press. And now where is the light that spread over us in the printing house and allowed us to march forward under its enlightenment? And now where is the one who gave us comfort with his gentle smile and spoke to us with a heart that bore no hatred? The printing house lost its child. Al Maghrib and Al Taqafa have become orphans but they will continue with battered hearts on the path you laid out for them.

Your passing is a loss for the nation, you who put all of your life to serve it. No wonder that everyone mourns you with broken hearts. You have lived happy and helpful and your life was extinguished after you achieved so many deserving acts.

May the regret and general sadness soothe the pain and provide grounds for forgiveness. Your soul is anointed by His grace and mercy wrapped in your final resting place.

Sleep well, even as, your passing, we depreciate
How, after your loss, do we brave this blow of fate?
It was your destiny to have done so much good
May Allah do well by you for doing all you could.

Omar Nejjar