"Al Maghrib" Special edition. Commemoration of the 40th day after the loss of Said Hajji, sixth year - No. 937, Wednesday April 29, 1942

Sleep beside the Almighty, Said! Enjoy yourself in his good grace, it will do you well! The hardworking believers are awarded by divine satisfaction and grace. Sleep beside the Almighty and be happy by His side. It is the reward for sincere and hardworking mortals.

As for us, our consolation and comfort will suffice us in the hope that someday we will find ourselves nearby this inaccessible presence; one in which you have found refuge after being plagued by misfortune and despair. Alongside your friends, you have stood up to adversity and fought against discouragement. You have made an effective contribution to the edification and prestige of your nation. Then you returned to your Creator, not to flee from your duties but to better safeguard them. You have lived a life of dutiful service in the image of sincere believers who devoted their existence to defend righteousness and justice; believers who, in life were at His side and who, in death, the heavenly angels came to lift them to be beside the Lord. In both cases they were always close to their Creator.

Speak of us in this subliminal world, Said! Speak about our dreams and hopes. I am convinced that you are doing so because a dying human being brings with him those aspect that characterized his way of life and resuscitates those he had when near death. You remained faithful to your nation; you gave your utmost in its service. You must persist in your loyalty and remain in its service even in the celestial world you now live in.

You have passed a few moments on this earth. But those short moments have been more profitable than the centuries lived by others because you, unlike them, you have produced while they only destroyed. You overflowed with hard work while they idly slept. You lived a life of self confidence, very confident in your God, very confident in all you undertook. You followed the example of a true believer who, to merit that God fill his heart with a breath of His Almighty Power, persists with confidence to do good acts and never sways or weakens his resolve.

Oh the number of endeavors you took on and projects that you developed! Granted you certainly achieved some successes. But your hopes always ran ahead of your undertakings so must so that your projects were often reduced to proportions with no direct relation to the objectives you outlined for them and the success you expected of them was incommensurate with your ambitions.

Now here you are being rewarded not only for the totality of your projects and your achievement as well as the success you were able to obtain by good management of the works you left behind, but also for your wishes and your hopes. And so, sleep beside the Almighty, Said! Enjoy yourself in his good grace. The believer's reward is divine satisfaction and grace.

Abdelkader Hassan