Al Maghrib - First year - No 22 - June 3, 1937

It has been ten days since Mr. Rockefeller, the richest man in the world, passed away. His fortune rose to 180 million British pounds. On this occasion the press dedicated lengthy front page articles on his life, his tenacity and even the last stages of his life during which he was living a somewhat artificial life eating and sleeping only as prescribed by his physicians until his death at age 97. He donated a portion of his immense fortune for charitable causes and for education throughout the corners of this globe. This man is dead and the whole world regrets his passing because he was the perfect role model of the man who embodies generosity. He had spent millions in the interest of humanity's welfare and success.

One can ask how he was able to amass such colossal wealth. In a speech which he gave on the occasion of the inauguration of a wing for scientific research built with his donation of a few years back to the American University in Beirut, he states in particular:

"When I reached maturity, my father, who was very rich, called me to his room and told me in the presence of my mother who was sitting beside him; 'Today, you have reached adulthood, and for you to be a man you need to think about how you will earn your living. Hence you must leave home to try your luck and to test your abilities in life without counting on my huge fortune for it did not come from the sweat of your forehead.' From that day I left and have never since returned to my parent's house unless it was only for maintaining family contact. I began to work enduring one difficulty after another and braving all the challenges that I encountered. Quite often the fear of failure haunted me and made me think about calling for financial help from my father, but I would quickly pull myself together and would patiently face my misfortune and pursue my destiny. Several years later, my father passed away and my fortune amounted to 100 million pounds. I no longer thought about the fortune I inherited from my father and I decided to spend it entirely on education and charity."

May the Moroccan youth listen well to the words of the richest man on earth, a product of his endeavors.