Al Maghrib - 1st year - No 32 - June 30, 1937

In a preceding edition "Al Maghrib" published a translation of an article written by a friend from my native town on "The Islamic Literary Club of Salé". It appeared in the "People's Deeds" section. I am a member of this club and I have been a member since it was founded. I have observed a certain rivalry between two opposing camps who alternatively have come out triumphant. So much so that this club, which had succeeded in establishing a legitimate standing, is nnow but a hazy recollection in the minds of a small number of its members.

The club was created as a first seed to instill a spirit of community in the city of Salé. The crop from its first harvest was fruitful by successfully mobilizing the efforts of our youth around activities likely to raise their sense of responsibility to levels to be called upon in the future.

However the public authorities never failed to seize all opportunities to scatter about traps and pitfalls in the path of the club. They used ruse to stymie the club's objectives of helping the city's youth to work for themselves, to open new horizons for them and to instill a spirit of community and cooperation.

The administration never hesitated to create obstacles and invoked all kinds of pretexts to terminate the activities of the determined leadership of the club. They countered all projects destined to create an intellectual climate within the midst of the city's youth.

Looking back on this young institution's history, we note that it was the site of so much hope. But it was also the site of many difficulties which nearly overcame its goodwill. Every person who frequented the club can recall the adventures along its journey.

This is why I would like to take the opportunity here to address those leaders of public authority to say that we are ready to forget their behavior up til now. We are ready to resolutely turn towards the future ending once and for all the antagonism of the past.

The club was created for social objectives that have no political agenda. Its leadership have complied with its rules. Over the course of its history the club never deviated from the guidelines defined by the (existing) law. You have even acknowledged that the latter was modified on several occasions.

So why are you currently opposed to programs the club executes within the framework of the law? Why do you see in its purely social activities a political bent that you deem to be of hostile intent? Is it that all activities to promote social interaction on cultural and socioeconomic issues are considered by those in charge as undermining the civilizing mission of France in this country?

If that is their conviction, then permit us to ask what they do mean by a civilizing mission? Does it consist of keeping us in our current state of unconscious regression to serve as a source of profit for others and misfortune for ourselves?

We hope that the phase this is country is currently undergoing will put an end to all these behaviors. We hope that the youth start a in new era that allows them to exercise their communal spirit towards productive deeds. We hope that they find the encouragement and support from the authorities needed for success in their undertakings.

Our dearest wish is to lower an iron curtain on these wrongdoings which we condemn with all our might. Are they ready to bury the past? Are they willing to open a new avenue for the upcoming generations?