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Praise be to God,

Let it be known by this, that our Sherifian Majesty , in consideration of the decree of our August father, H.M. Sultan Moulay Youssef, dated September 11, 1914, had prescribed in the interest of the well being of our subjects and for the tranquility of the State to respect the customary statutes of the pacified Berber tribes..., that it has become appropriate on this day to specify the particular conditions under which justice shall be rendered in these same tribes:

The following have been decreed:

Article 1

In tribal areas recognized to be practicing Berber customs, the punishment of infractions committed by Moroccan subjects which are under the jurisdiction of the Caids in other parts of Our Empire, will be under the jurisdiction of the tribal chiefs.

For other infractions, their punishment and jurisdiction will be regulated by Articles 4 and 6 of the present decree.

Article 2

Subject to the jurisdictional regulations that govern the French tribunals in Our Empire, actions involving civil, commercial, transferable securities, and estate properties will be judged in the first and final capacity by special jurisdictions called customary courts following the rates set by ministerial order. These courts will also have jurisdiction over matters involving inheritance or individual statutes. Local custom will apply to these cases.

Article 3

Appeals to judgments rendered by the customary tribunals, in cases that are accepted, will be brought before courts called customary courts of appeal.

Article 4

These customary courts of appeal also have jurisdiction on criminal matters in the first and final capacity to punish infractions foreseen by paragraph 2 of Article 1 and in addition all other infractions committed by the members of the customary courts which formerly were under the jurisdiction of the tribal chief.

Article 5

Alongside each customary court for a first occurrence or an appeal, a local Government police captain will be present delegated by the regional authority. Also present will be a county clerk who will also fulfill the role as a notary public

Article 6

The French courts acting on criminal matters using their own rules, have jurisdiction to punish crimes committed in Berber areas no matter the status of the perpetrator. In these cases, the decree of August 12, 1913 (Ramadan 9, 1331 Anno Hegira) applies to the criminal procedure.

Article 7

The legal actions regarding estate properties where French nationals are part of, either as plaintiff or defendant are under the jurisdiction of the French courts.

Article 8

All regulations on the organization, composition and functions of the customary courts will be determined by successive ministerial orders depending on need and circumstances.