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The Director of "Al Maghrib" newspaper rejoins Allah

"Al Maghrib" - No 905 March 4, 1942

The original text translated here was found amongst the documents collected during the period of the French Protectorate of Morocco at the Archives Center in Nantes, France.

Death has struck, a tragedy has befallen us. Let us show solemn acceptance. Yesterday a pure soul was extinguished. It has rejoined Allah's care with His Blessing. This soul has chosen to reside in the wide expanses of paradise for eternity.

Saïd has passed away. Oh what a terrible event and calamity. Oh Allah! We obey Your will and kneel before Your Wisdom's decree.

After a cruel illness lasting almost four months for which no remedy was found, Said Hajji, Director of "Al Maghrib" newspaper, May Allah have pity on him, left this mortal world and rejoined our Supreme Lord on Tuesday night, the 14th of Safar 1361 (March 3, 1942.)

News of his passing reverberated deeply and pain was felt through out all members of our society and in particular within the activist elements of the National Movement which the defunct, May Allah show him His Clemency, was one of its pillars and one of its most important figures.

Hardly had the news spread when delegations and popular crowds went to the residence of the deceased to express their condolences to his family and friends. They conveyed their sadness and pain for the loss of a "youth" who spearheaded the spirited, active and fully capable youth and gave proof despite his short life of rare capacity and unmatched energy.

The funeral of the dearly departed took place amidst a crowd composed of all walks of life. His body, May Allah show his Mercy upon his soul, was draped with a Moroccan flag surrounded by our Nationalist compatriots who came from Casablanca, Rabat, and Kenitra and by a large number of Moroccan dignitaries including high level government officials and Ministers.

His Excellence the Resident General Noguès was represented at the funeral by two member of his cabinet, Captains de Battesti and Kittani. Commander Olie represented the Political Affairs Director. Also present were Captain Charles Dominique, Bureau Chief of the Arab Press and local authorities of Rabat- Salé as well as Muslim legal scholars and prominent citizens headed by his Excellency the Pasha of Salé.

The very learned Mufti (Islamic Scholar) Boubker Zniber said a few words next to the grave site followed by islamic teacher, Mohammed Ghazi, spoke in the name of the Nationalist brotherhood. Poet Abdelghani Skirej recited an wonderful poem. Finally Abou Bakr Kadiri, friend of the dearly departed, took his turn. His words evoked powerful emotions, most present wept and one could hear their sobs.

Barely a few hours passed after his death when numerous telegrams arrived from various corners of the nation expressing condolences and sorrow for this tragedy.

On behalf of the "Al Maghrib" family, their parents and many friends of the deceased, we thank all for their full commiserations on this tragedy. We express our deep condolences to our Moroccan compatriots and send them our sympathies during this difficult trial that has befallen them. We pray that Allah, the Forgiver, receives the deceased with His Mercy and grant him His Forgiveness.