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Said Hajji: Founder of the Moroccan National Press in Arabic
Key moments of an ephemeral life
Homage to Abdelkrim Hajji by the Istiqlal Party
A round table panel in March 2003 on the national movement in Sale
Abou Bakr Kadiri's address at the opening session
Presentation of the Roundtable Agenda by the Institute of Scientific Research
Roundtable Agenda
The effectiveness (impact) of the cultural activities of the National Movement of Salé
"Birth of the Moroccan National Press"
Interveiw of the author, Abderraouf Hajji, by the Al Ittihad al Ichtiraki newspaper
The missing link in the history of the national movement
The Berber Decree
Reflections on the Berber Issue
Text of the May 16, 1930 Decree (The Berber Decree)
The List of Demands Document
Activities of the Assembly for National Action
The first conference of the Assembly for National Action on October 25, 1936
The Meetings of the Assembly for National Action
What they said, what they were thinking
Activities of the National Party
The First Conference of the National Party, October 13, 1937
Demonstrations and the escalation of repression
Excerpts from various writings
Drought and the economic crisis of the 1930s
The political parties of Morocco
Jews and Moslems in Morocco (1859-1948)
The Hajji family under the watchful eye of the intelligence services